Separation of Mixtures Lab

Topics: Separation process, Evaporation, Mixture Pages: 3 (615 words) Published: October 12, 2012
Katie Arrington

Title: Separation of Mixtures and Solids

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to practice the process of separating mixtures of different solids.

This experiment consisted of different processes to separate a mixture of solids into the four individual solids: sand, benzoic acid, iron fillings, and sodium chloride. To remove the iron fillings from the mixture I used a magnet and scanned it across the entire mixture and the magnet forced picked up all the iron pieces. Then to separate the sand from the rest of the mixture I heated the mixture with water in a beaker and when I poured the heated liquid into a cup the sand remained in the bottom of the beaker. Lastly to separate the benzoic acid and sodium chloride I used a filtration system and the sodium chloride and water drained into a cup while the benzoic acid remained on the filter.


Item| Mass (grams)|
Weighing Dish | 0.6 g|
Dish + Mixture| 7.9 g|
Net Mass of Mixture| 7.3 g|

| Mass (Grams)| Percent of Mixture|
Iron Fillings| 1.8g| 26.9%|
Sand| 1.5g| 22.4%|
Table Salt| 1.9g| 28.4%|
Benzoic Acid| 1.5g| 22.4%|
Total:| 6.7g| |


Some things I observed during this laboratory include the magnet not picking up some of the smaller iron particles without getting really close to the solids mixture. Also both the sodium chloride had somewhat of a sour smell when heated. The water in the sodium chloride took longer than I had expected to evaporate considering the lack of humidity in the climate here.


A. How did your proposed procedures or flow charts at the beginning of this experiment compare to the actual procedures of this lab exercise?
The procedures in the lab manual seem to follow the actual procedures of the experiment very closely with the exception that I had to use the microwave because the water with the sodium chloride...
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