Separation of Mixture Report

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Separation of a Mixture Do-Your-Own-Lab

What you will need to do:
1. Create a flow chart for the separation of your unknown mixture – BERFORE doing lab 2. Create data table – BEFORE doing lab
3. Do lab
4. Analyze data – calculate percent composition of your unknown mixture = 15 points = 30% 5. Write a complete lab report = 35 points = 70%

1. A flow chart is often used to illustrate the steps involved in the separation of a mixture. Flow charts are constructed BEFORE attempting to separate the mixture. Think of it as roadmap you intend to follow to get to the final products. The flow chart is included in the Methods section of the lab report.

Separation of a Mixture of Unknown Composition

a) Products of EACH STEP are ‘boxed’
b) Methods are written to the sides of the ‘connector lines’ c) FINAL PRODUCTS should be in the last boxes
You will be separating a dry mixture
2. Data Tables are also constructed BEFORE attempting a lab. They should include places to record all data you expect to collect. Thought should be given to: * number of trials to be performed

* measurements to be made and methods for collecting the measurements * collection of both starting and ending measurements for comparisons * calculations and analysis which will need to be performed using the measurement data * graphs and charts which will be made using the measurement and/ or calculated data

Various Types of Experiments

3. You are to carry out the lab you have designed to separate your sand/ salt/ iron mixture. You must be able to complete the separation in 1 lab period. Final weighing will occur the next day after the separated constituents have had time to dry.

4. You must analyze the data. For the Separation of a Mixture lab, you must determine the percent composition for your unknown sample. Normally, a graph or chart is included in the Analysis and Results section. You will need to design and complete some sort of graph or chart to display the results of you analysis.

5. You will need to write a lab report. Each person must write his/her OWN lab report. While it is expected that some portions of the lab report will resemble that of your lab partner, the Discussion section must be unique to each individual. Lab reports whose Discussion sections are too similar will be penalized points for copying.

Flow Chart and Data Tables: ____________________
Date of Lab: ____________________
Lab Report: ____________________
Possible Materials To Be Use: Unknown Mixture of Sand/ Salt / Iron Filings chemical apron
beakers (size?)
Bunsen burner and tubing
chemical scoop
electronic balance
evaporating dish
filter paper
gloves (disposable)
graduated cylinder (size?)
plastic bag (why?)
pipets (disposable?)
ring stand and ring
stirring rod
test tubes
wash bottle
watch glass
weigh boats
wire mesh w/ ceramic center

Safety Precautions:
The materials in this lab activity are considered relatively nonhazardous. Observe all normal laboratory safety procedures. Wear chemical splash goggles whenever chemicals, glassware, or heat ore used in a chemistry laboratory. Since the Bunsen burner will be used for this lab goggles MUST be worn at all times. In addition, those with long hair must securely tie back their hair. Long-sleeved or loose clothing must be secured away from flames.

What must be contained in the Lab Report:

1. Title
* descriptive
2. Introduction/ Objectives Section
* what principles will be demonstrated by this lab
* why is this a good method to demonstrate these principles * how will the principles be demonstrated by this lab
3. Materials list
* include...
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