Separation Anxiety Disorder

Topics: Anxiety, Panic disorder, Anxiety disorders Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: September 26, 2011
Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a distressing problem for many children, but its manifestation and treatment differ depending on developmental factors. “SAD is consider to be a normal process of development which helps ensure the infant’s survival” (Bowlby 1969). According to the ethological theory, an infant experiencing a separation from a caregiver will produce behaviors such as crying, following, and calling, which have the goal of ending the separation from the caregiver and allowing the infant to stay in close proximity to the caregiver(Bowlby 1969). By staying close to the caregiver, the infant increases the likelihood that he or she will be nurtured and protected and therefore will survive. I choose this topic because of my five years old son. He is a very special child, so much different from my other two children. Last year was the beginning of his pre-k year but, he refused to go to school because he does not want to be separated from me or his sibling. I was able to enroll him for half day only and since that day both of us attend pre-k school every day trying to prepare him for his future independent. It is a treatment for school refusal, according to Kennedy’s approach. Wallace Kennedy (1996) develops a method where children with SAD must attend school and provide them with positive reinforcement for attending school. Almost the end of the year and a huge progress has been noticed. Also because of his anxiety of being left alone his speech has not being improving. According to the principal at Townewest Elementary and his teacher his level of speech is below average. A lack of communication and social separation has helped the deterioration of his vocabulary. He is currently in speech therapy and also both of us are attending every Friday, but the most helpful person is my seven years old daughter by helping him slowly to cope and adventure far from myself, she is the primary tool according to my son therapist to help my son to developed brave...
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