Separating a Mixture

Topics: Water, Filter paper, Laboratory equipment Pages: 3 (602 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Separating a Mixture
Aim: To separate the components of a mixture of sand and salt. To carry out a gravimetric analysis to calculate the percentage of both components. Equipment:
* Electronic Scale| * Evaporating Basin|
* Beaker| * Bunsen Burner|
* Glass Stirring Rod| * Filter Funnel|
* Wire Gauze Mat| * Filter Paper|
* Heat Resistant Mat| * Conical Flask|
* Safety Glasses| * Tripod|
* Matches| Tongs|

Risk Assessment:

Risk| Why| How To Prevent|
Bunsen Burner| May Cause Burns| Turn on safety flame when not in use| Evaporating Basin| HOT may cause burns| Tongs must be in use or wait till the crucible is cool prior to transferring from apparatus| Wire Gauze Mat| HOT may cause burns| Wait till cool; do not touch until time to pack up.| Salt Solution (evaporating)| Solution May Spit Into Eyes| Wear Safety Glasses|

1. Weigh sand and salt mixture with electronic scale and record mass. 2. Pour the mixture in the beaker and add water, weigh and record mass. 3. Stir mixture until you believe salt has dissolved (approx. 5-10 seconds.) 4. Put mixture aside and set up filtering apparatus. (as shown in figure a) figure a.

5. Weigh filter paper and record the mass.
6. Pour mixture into the filter funnel setup and wait until filtered. 7. Weigh the wet sand in the filter paper and store someplace where the sand would be able to dry. 8. Weigh the evaporating basin and record the mask.

9. Pour the salt solution into evaporation basin.
10. Set up the evaporating station. (as shown in figure b ) figure b

11. Heat salt solution until it starts to boil and let it evaporate. 12. Allow any remaining water to evaporate to reveal salt crystals. 13. Weigh the dry salt in the evaporating basin and record mass. 14. Weigh the dry sand In the filter paper and record mass 15. Calculate the...
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