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Topics: Search engine optimization, Firearm, Ammunition Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Hi Mike.
I was researching the SEO (Web Optimization) and I found some good things that I wanted to share with you. Keywords

The first thing is some keywords that you can use for tags to enhance people finding your website. I used a program that goes into your website and then looks around and gives you a list of keywords for your website. * Free Firearms Training

* NRA Firearms Training
* Tactical Firearms Training
* Firearms Instructor Training
* Law Enforcement Firearms Training
* Tactical Weapons Training
* Firearms Training Video
* Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
* Firearm Sales Sites
* Firearms Sales Statistics
* Used Firearms Sale
* Ruger Firearms Sale
* Online Firearms Sales
* Private Firearms Sales
* Tactical Firearms Sale
* Whole Sale Firearms
* 7.62X39 Ammo Cheap
* 223 Ammo Cheap
* Discount Ammo Free Shipping
* Discount Surplus Ammo
* Very Cheap Ammunition
* Military Surplus Ammo
* Surplus Ammo
* Discount Ammunition

Meta Tags
I was able to find a website that will create META TAGS. Meta Tags are what people don’t necessarily see but they are a way to help people know what they are looking at. You can view META Tags by going onto your site and right clicking and saying view source. They should be located about 10 lines from the top. I made a rough copy using information that I got form your site. You can change and edit things as you wish. I included quotes next to each of the Meta tags explaining what they do. If you were to use this exact thing just delete the red text.

<TITLE>Red Dot Firearms</TITLE> Self explanatory what this is. <META NAME="author" CONTENT="Mike Rioux">This is the author of the site. I just used your name as an example. <META NAME="subject" CONTENT="Firearms, Ammunition, Ammo, Guns, Firearm Training, Cheap"> These are some tags that help people know that the site is about. <META...
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