Sentence Cards

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Nature of the activity:

Table Activity

Materials Used:

Box with few sentence cards


Teacher greets the child, “Good morning Mary, how are you today?” [The child responds]. Teacher says “Today we are going to do a very interesting activity. We are going to read a few sentences under pink scheme using the sentence cards with pictures attached. Would you like to try this activity? The child responds for the same and only when she agrees teacher proceeds with the activity saying “Shall we go to the shelf and get the materials required?” Here we have a shelf ready with different types of Language materials. Today we are going to work with Sentence card box. [Teacher demonstrates how to carry it] Would you like to bring the box to the table?”

Following the instructions demonstrated by the teacher Mary picks up the box and carries it to the table prepared. The teacher traces an imaginary line indicating where the box needs to be placed.

After sitting down the teacher then opens the box with the sentence cards and picks up a bunch of cards to unclip them. She then puts the clip back into the box and covers it, placing it on the top right corner of the table. She places the bunch of cards in the bottom middle of the table where the child can easily see it.


Before beginning to read, inform the child on the rules of a sentence, saying, a sentence always starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop and whenever “a” stands alone it sounds as “a”.

Using the first dominant finger of your right hand point to each word of the sentence while reading it aloud then point to the picture attached on the side. Place the used card with your right hand on the top left corner of the table in a horizontal position.

Take the next card and do the same. Once completed the second card ask the child if she would like to continue reading and allow her to do so till all...
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