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Sentence Correction

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Sentence Correction
Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Section Section I: Introduction II: Grammar Basics III: Sentence Correction Tips IV: Three-Step Method V: Seven Error Types V-1: Subject-Verb Agreement V-2: Modifiers V-3: Parallelism V-4: Pronoun Agreement V-5: Verb Time Sequences V-6: Comparisons V-7: Idioms VI: Sample Questions

Section I: Introduction

Typically one third of the 41 Verbal questions are Sentence Correction. Of all the GMAT sections you must study, two in particular will have enduring benefits after test day: the AWA Essay section and the Sentence Correction section. Effective writing is not only a prerequisite for mastering the GMAT, it is also a vital part of business communication. What you learn here will help you to express your ideas more clearly and effectively, whether you are drafting a GMAT essay or a business proposal.

II. Grammar Basics Definitions of common grammar terms that you will find on the GMAT. III. Sentence Correction Tips A few basic tips to keep in mind. IV. Three-Step Method for Sentence Correction Questions This section provides you with a clear, step-by-step method for tackling all Sentence Correction questions. V. Seven Types of Errors in Sentence Correction Questions This section provides you with an overview of the seven most common grammar mistakes found in Sentence Correction questions. You will learn specific skills for handling individual questions. VI. Sample Questions Timed online questions to simulate actual GMAT questions.

Section II: Grammar Basics

Function Words


voice in which the person or thing performing the action is the sub ject of the verb John throws the pencil.


word or phrase that modifies a noun or adverb It was a happy coincidence.


a word or phrase that modifies a verb , adjective, or other adverb . An adverb often ends in -ly.



Sentence Correction

ends in -ly. The detective paced slowly around the room.


word (a, an, the) that specifies or confines the meaning of a noun Definite Article: The soldier died bravely. Indefinite Article: A soldier never truly returns home.


in a sentence, a group of words that contains b oth a sub ject and a predicate I(sub ject) can't believe Barbara said those things.(predicate)


word that joins two or more words, phrases, clauses, or sentences Sue and Sally have never been late; they are always on time.

collective noun

indicates a group of persons, things, or animals treated as a single entity The fleet of ships arrives too late. A chorus of angels quivers in her soul.

correlative conjunction

pair of words which, separated from each other in a sentence, act as a conjunction (joining two or more words, phrases, or sentences) Either you are coming with me, or we will never see each other again.


noun formed from a verb , usually b y adding -ing to the end Running to catch a train can be very dangerous.


word, or expression comprising several words, the meaning of which extends b eyond the usual meanings of the individual words Chocolate tastes as good as ice cream. The candidate claims to support tax cuts, in contrast to his prior statements. Neither Tom nor Sam has the necessary skills to finish the job.

impersonal pronoun

pronoun that does not stand in for any particular noun, b ut instead refers to "people in general" or fulfills the sentence's syntactical need for a pronoun One must pay close attention to a test's instructions. It must be said.


dictionary form of a verb ; in English, most often appears as "to ___ " ("to eat", "to run") To sleep, perchance to dream, aye there's the rub.


word, phrase, or clause that provides extra information ab...
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