Sensory System

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  • Published : October 15, 2011
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Sense receptors are located in the sense organs like, the eyes, ears and mouth. When a sense receptor is stimulated from touch, smell or sight, it is converted into energy and travels through nerves to the brain. The sensory nerves all use neural impulses to communicate, but the nervous system encodes the messages, so we are able to experience different sensations. Researchers have been studding sensory substitution that would train a blind person to use other sensory impulses to interpret them in the brain as an image and allow them to make out objects. Researchers have also studied how sensitive our senses are by using an absolute threshold and difference threshold. Absolute threshold testes how we can detect the smallest amount of energy, like a flashing light while difference threshold tests how we are able to detect if there is a difference in two objects. We are able to adapt to certain sensory like, wearing clothes, the stimulus signal is repetitive so the sensory fades causing the sensory system to fire less frequently. There is also sensory depravation, it is found that on a voluntary basis it can help to clear the mind and be relaxing. It is used as a punishment in prisons because the brain requires a minimum amount of sensory stimulation to function normally.

The researchers have found that converting images to electrical impulses that are sent to an electrode on the tongue of a congenitally blind person, they were able to make out shapes. This type of procedure could improve the quality of a person’s life by creating independence or higher self esteem. The study of the different sensory and how each person is affected by different environments could help explain how some people react to certain situations. There is sensory deprivation that some people might experience willingly or unwillingly. A person put in prison solitaire unwillingly is going to have a negative response as compared to a person who voluntarily secludes themselves for a period...
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