Sensory Preception

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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In my option I believe that one can trust the human senses to give us an accurate view of the world. My reason for believing this is because everything that we think are perceived starts with our thinking and senses. We have five senses, Taste, sight, smell, touch and hear, and with these sense we are able to function in this world. According to the reading most of our thinking is sensory interactive: after all our brain is enfleshed in our senses, therefore sometime our senses can be accurate and sometimes they can be inaccurate.   The accuracy of my senses can be on point when things are clear and there is nothing clouding my thinking, example when I have had a good day and there have been no distractions then things make sense. On the other hand the daily concerns which are presented in general may cause my sense to be altered therefore things that would make sense are distorted and challenged. Our sensual perception (using sight as an example) can deceive our brain in three major ways: limited biologically, we see the superficial; corralled by custom, we see the habitual; and blinded by language, we see the general. Provide at least three reasons for believing in the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory data information.  My reasons for believing in the accuracy of sensory data are as follows. 1. Smell would be one sense of accuracy that I believe in, because we use this to let us know when, some things such as the environment that we are in is okay, for instance if we are in our homes, or at work and the smoke detector goes off then we would examine our surrounds to see if all is well, if not we would, leave because our smell of smoke and hearing of the alarm tells us that there may be a fire.

2. Our hearing is another powerful tool that we are blessed to have it’s our most vital sense. It’s crucial in communication, and is interactive with our thinking.  Our hearing opens up the wonders of the world and helps us to explore things that we...
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