Sensory Perceptions

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  • Published : February 25, 2012
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Sensory Perceptions
Kirby and GoodPaster (2007) describe Sensory Perceptions as the "Sense - Thinking connection" phenomena believed to be closely interrelated to thinking which originates from the senses (such as sight, hearing, smell and touch ), through additional input, express itself in sensing habits ( 2007). Others like Aquinas (2007, p.53) support sensory perception theory by stating that "There is nothing in the mind unless it is first in the senses" However, there are factors that influence the accuracy of information received by human senses and how it affects the perception of the world.

First, there are many reasons to believe in the accuracy as well as inaccuracy of sensory information. Three examples provided include: 1. The source of data and cognitive ability of the individual, 2. Reliability of facts observed and 3. The brain interpretation of the information received from the senses. These reasons cited can influence accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information received and affect the way an individual will perceive a particular issue or problem.

However, factors that may contribute to the accuracy of sensory data are as follows: 1. Source of data and cognitive ability: To obtain accurate sensory data, the source of data must be received through the senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch acutely sensitive to act like lenses, amplifiers, particle detectors and pressure and gauges to feed the brain to produce accurate sensory perception of the data obtained. 2. Reliability of facts observed: the reception of solid sensory data through the accurate observations would provide facts and data that is vital for sensing -thinking connection or accurate sensory perception. 3.The Brain and interpretation of data received: Cognitive ability to analyze sensory data is based on a healthy brain. The power of the senses is manifested when information is received in the brain. Inaccurate date sent by the senses to the brain will be interpreted...
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