Sensory Adaption

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  • Published : July 1, 2012
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Sensory Adaption
Leslie A. George
American InterContinental University

Sensory adaption is the process by which the senses become less responsive. The concept of sensory adaption is that once you have experienced a certain smell, or touch, if you repetitively deal with it, you will experience a change with it. Adaption is evident in each of these experiments, because your sense of feeling and sense of touch has been altered through each different phase of the experiments, which means that the receptors in your fingers and your taste bud, have been made to a forget what the original feeling and taste was. In order to better answer whether adaption is important to the evolutionary perspective, one should truly know the meaning behind the word adaption. Adaption is viewed as the act of adapting to something or adjusting. Evolution can be defined as a gradual process that makes changes out to be for the better or it can make changes more complex. In order to evaluate how adaption works I have chosen to write about three experiments. I have chosen experiments one, two and four to write about. Experiment number one, involved the use of course sandpaper, I ran my finger over the sandpaper and gave it a rating of a 7 as being very course. After waiting the allotted two minutes, I then ran my finger over it again, and this time I gave it a rating of 5. I realized that after I ran my finger across the sandpaper the second time, it did not feel as rough as the first time. It would seem that my touch had adapted to the feeling. Experiment number 2 dealt with swishing sugar water for a few seconds and then following it up with a cup of fresh water. I swished the sugar water for a few seconds, while doing this I did notice that it started to taste less sweet. I then followed up with the fresh water, which surprisingly tasted very strong. I could taste the impurities in the water. Experiment number four; saw the use of different temperatures of water. As I...
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