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Part D:
Identify differentiating competitive advantages of the brand you have chosen. Howmany differences does the company promote and which ones are they?

Ferrero’s competitive advantage and differences offered in their product. Today’s Ferrero growth strategies are mostly based on its own strength such as brand development in the worldwide market rather than a development in scope of Europe market. Their success was achieved by excellent products which are offered to the market under band name of Nutella and Rocher, for example (Cambireri 2011). Some of the competitive advantage and differences they are creating compared to competitors will be analyzed in the following points. Firstly, innovation is one the most competitive advantage of Ferrero which are always reflected in all new products in the market. They are developing and achieving the success through supporting Ferrero core brands rather than they do business through mergers or acquisitions as most of successful companies in the market. At this point, their new products are always kept up to changes in the consumer preferences and needs, which distinguish their products from other competitors and create an impression for customers after they using Ferrero’s products and services. For example, when one of their products, say Kinder Joy was developed in 1960s, the guidelines for using this product included a portion control which helps parents moderate their children’s consumption. This special feature of the product makes Kinder Joy brand become very popular choice for all parents all around the world(Food & Beverage Reporter, 2009).

Secondly, Ferrero owns some well-known brand such as Ferrero Rocher, Nuttela. It is playing important role in make consumers all around the world well recieved and accept its range of products. Consumers are not only directly using the product of Ferrero, but also, they are buying these products as special gift for their friends and relationships in the important day...
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