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Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Behavior Pages: 6 (1473 words) Published: December 24, 2012
A. Objectives of the study
In this study, we want to to explore the gambling behavior of the young people to participate in gambling activities, then try to understand the motivation of the young people to participate in gambling activities. Last, investigate the characteristics of the young people on their family background and schoolmate and what the impact on the gambling activities.

B. Proposed Research Topic
A Study of Hong Kong Young People’s Participate in Gambling Activities Problem gambling among youth is a growing public health concern. While gambling activities are mainly viewed as an innocuous adult pastime, more underage youth, exposed to the widespread availability of regulated and unregulated forms of gambling, are giving in the temptation and pressures to engage in these activities. (Jacobs, 2000, National Research Council (NRC), 1999) Gambling is no longer a vice accompanied by negative connotations and stigmatization but rather a legitimate form of entertainment. Today’s Jockey Club deliberately associates the proceeds of lottery sales with funding of public education and health/social welfare initiatives.

C. Background
1. Gambling has a long history in Hong Kong. It is also one type of social behavior deeply rooted in Hong Kong Chinese culture. Betting on horse racing, buying Mark six tickets and playing mahjong with friends or relatives are popular ways Hong Kong people spend their spare time and money. By and large, gambling has been a part of life for many people in Hong Kong.

2. The government revenue each year through the collection of betting duty and the gambling money collected funds many good causes for the local community. However, the fact that some people gamble in ways that may do harm to themselves, their families and even the community should not be overlooked.

3. It has been widely argued that the consequences of early exposure to gambling have a negative effect on young people’s future development. Ironically, with an increasing institutionalization of gambling in the society, modeling on the gambling behavior of the adults is also recognized as a reason for the increasing spread of adolescent gambling. The involvement of the younger population in gambling activities and their perception of gambling have attracted widespread public concerns. D. Review of literature

Results of the general population survey indicated that gambling activities were very common in Hong Kong. Almost four out of five respondents (78%) had participated in at least one of the thirteen gambling activities listed in the survey. The three most popular form of gambling were Mark Six (64.2%), social gambling such as playing Mahjong and cards with friends and relatives) (45.9%) and horse racing (30.4%)

While all the thirteen gambling activities had money at stake, they were perceived as being of very different natures. Playing Mahjong or cards with friends and relatives, or what we called social gambling, was largely seen as a way to socialize and no harm with family members.

The school survey found that the young population also participated in gambling quite actively. About half (49.2%) had participated in social gambling in past year. Among those who admitted gambling and disclosed how they were involved in social gambling, 76.3% did so with their family members.

Survey result also revealed that the young people were more actively involved in sport gambling and Internet betting, as compared with the general population. Regarding the young people’s perception of gambling, they tended to characterize all gambling activities as primarily gambling except social gambling.

The study found that a high proportion of the young people picked up gambling skills form their parents, relatives or neighbors at the very young age. They regarded gambling as socially and culturally acceptable behavior that facilitated social interactions and induced pleasure during leisure time. All the...
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