Sensitive Issues Surrounding Death

Topics: Death, Life, Hypertension Pages: 2 (907 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Death is the end of life. My first experience with death happened the day before I turned five years old. I was getting ready for school and the phone rung. My mom answered and then began to cry. I was young and did not understand why she was crying. When she calmed down she tried to explain that my babysitter was no longer going to be baby sitting  me. I  did not begin to understand, until maybe a week or so after her death, I started asking my mom to take me to her house and my mom was telling me I could not go because she was no longer there. I still could not fully comprehend until my next experience with death, which occurred when I was in the eighth grade. Two of my childhood friends were murdered by their step father. It was a strange feeling to know that someone I talked to yesterday I was not going to talk to anymore. Someone told me that death is the physical ending of life only, and that I would always be able to talk to and love the person that was gone. It was the beginning of their spiritual life and that they would never hurt again.      Funeral customs are different in every race, religion, nationality, and family. One funeral custom that I experienced was in New Orleans, i went to the funeral with a friend. Her cousin had died. At the funeral people were dancing and music was playing, it looked more like a party rather than a funeral. Before this funeral every funeral I had attended was gloomy and sad feeling. People would stand up say a few kind words about the deceased and cry. My friend explained that it seemed like a party because they were celebrating the life of the deceased person.  Spiritual belief is when you believe in something spiritual like your religion. Everyone has different spiritual beliefs. People believe in God. Some believe in Buddha. My spiritual belief is in God. I believe that once you die your soul is in Heaven upon God's presence 3. Compare and contrast the ways children and adults grieve. What is the impact that chronic...
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