Sense Making

Topics: Management, Problem solving, Question Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: December 8, 2012
The newly appointed CE felt like he should enhance the organization in two ways; the first is to keep the business running and performing well and the second is to raise the organization’s performance by implementing a change strategy. He addressed the problems and started gathering data while developing his plan. While doing so, the CE conveyed the meaning of what problem is. He identified the problem as a tame problem and used the caused oriented way of thinking. In his situation, this led to random responses as described by (Pye, 2005). The first try to implement the strategy failed and the company didn’t deliver the requirements by board members. The CE’s focus on his role as leader but not on his actions “sense making” led to disorganization in the organization as described by Smircish & Morgan. In his interview with Pye, The CE mentioned that the strategy was labeled with his name and that led to an uncooperative behavior of his colleagues because they weren’t part of it (Pye, 2005). The CE’s strategy looked like it didn’t make sense as a manager explained that it’s impossible to sustain because the organization structure didn’t support the CE’s definition of the situation. Another manager explains that the strategy lacked sense making because the CE was “trying to move forward all the global businesses which, in some parts of the world, start a lot better than we do” (Pye, 2005). This shows the real challenge the CE was facing, minimizing the random responses The resilience questions Margolis suggest that leaders facing crisis should ask would have helped the CE in two categories that will affect the overall experience by characterizing the personal effect on the adversity and the managers’ impression on it. Characterizing the personal effects is as mentioned in Margolis article, includes two lenses, control and impact. By asking a specifying question like, what can I influence to change the direction of the crisis? Or a visualizing question such as...
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