Sense and Sensibility vs. Wuthering Heights

Topics: Sense and Sensibility, Love, Emma Thompson Pages: 1 (400 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Two books, written in the same time period, had never appeared more different than these. In Wuthering Heights, we see several families battling over love, hatred and pride. In Sense and Sensibility, we see many families searching for the happiness of marriage in a world full of joys, yet none seeming to come in their direction.These two amazing works, though so completely different, are an interesting pair to see together. Although they are different in the way that they act on revenge and the relationships of the characters, they both share an overload of emotion. One of the many things that Wuthering Heights was founded on is wit and emotion. As love and hate arises, it cannot be seen in any form of moderation. Even Nelly, with her kind and compassionate heart, was extremely changed whenever she would go up in a fit. This is mostly the same for Sense and Sensibility. “She was sensible and clever; but eager in every thing: her sorrows, her joys, could have no moderation.” If any heart break came about, it was crushing. Any joy; perfection. Save for the very sensible Elinor Dashwood, both stories have a serious need of self-controlled characters.

However, after these great emotions had withered away, each little matter of revenge was vastly different. Although both books had some similar hardships, such as break ups and sickness, Jane Austin chose to keep it very amiable; whereas Wuthering Heights came back with a vengeance. “…She knew me and called to me, and inquired after you, ma’am… She smiled, and said how she had changed her name…” Although this method of trickery was cruel in how it convinced another character of her never being able to marry the man she was in love with, it did not go to the very extreme lengths of revenge that the other often did. One may say that this is simply because Jane Austin did not include near the amount of emotion, but it seems more likely to be because of a care for the opinions of others. Wuthering Heights does not care...
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