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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Alexa Salter
Mrs. Buzinski
English 4
10 December 2012
Anthony Munoz has done many wonderful things in his life. Not only is he a football legend, but he is also is known for doing lots of things in the tri-state community. Such as the Anthony Munoz Foundation which focuses on planning to educate, promote, recognize and reward tri-state youth who excels in all phases of life. The goal is to motivate young people to achieve mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The Anthony Munoz Foundation highly excels in many of ways, such as helping out the youth and all the programs he has started for the youth. Some of the programs consist of; Scholarship Fund, Lineman of the Year, Straight “A” Luncheon, Youth Leadership Munoz. The Scholarship Fund is offered to high school seniors who are enrolling into colleges in the Tri-State area. This program was created by the Munoz family. The Lineman of the Year is the program that awards the top offensive and defensive lineman in the Tri-State area. The Straight “A” Luncheon is the program where every April students get recognized for working hard and striving to get over the obstacles in their lives. The last program is the Youth Leadership program that has hundreds of high school students come together to hear a motivational speaker come in to talk about all the struggles they have went through. All of these programs are motivational to the young students in the Tri-State area.

Before Anthony Munoz started the foundation, he was a California native, he exceled in basketball, baseball, and football at Chaffey High School. He was very good at football to the point that he got a football scholarship to the University of Southern California. He even exceled at school to the point where Anthony’s team won the 1978 National Championship. He has won many awards, such as All-American and All-Conference awards. Anthony had a great skill and was ready to play for the big times.

After his college career, Anthony was selected by...
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