Senior Recpetion Paper

Topics: Talk radio, Employment, The Conversation Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 13, 2013
The senior reception was a pleasant and informative time to chat with local business people and professors. I will now discuss in overview the conversations I held with 5 individuals during this reception.

Mark Stern (Stern Properties, Sage Resources) – I approached Mr. Stern thanking him for his guest speaking in our class. He was pleasantly surprised and thankful. I held out on most of the conversation and let him do the talking. For the most part he elaborated on the functions of Stern properties and how overwhelming some of the reconstruction jobs can be.

Scott Hummel (Fastenal) – Scott and I both alone at this point introduced ourselves and struck a conversation. I made note to him that I worked with his Manager Jeff Full in the Partner-Ed exercise, and we worked off of that. He informed me Jeff was not present that night, and that he is a very busy man. Of the 2 years Scott has been working with Fastenal he has only met Jeff twice and I found that interesting. He told me that if management and employee performance is running smoothly, then there is no real need for upper management to poke their heads in. He also re-elaborated on the products and functions Fastenal offers to the public.

Michael K. Flanagan (C.C. Economic Partnership) – I began to feel more relaxed and less nervous after talking to Scott and was able to approach another gentleman by the name of Mike Flanagan. By far the most interesting conversation I had at the reception, Mike and I talked about everything from career goals, to sports, to his college career at LHU. He made a note about the fence, and I informed him that I just finished a presentation for my speech class regarding the fence and the pedestrian mall. After talking about that for a while he talked about his college life here at a LHU when he was a student way back when.

Christos Kelepouris (Professor) – I bumped into Dr. Kelepouris and we talked about job opportunities. He mentioned just to keep my options opened and...
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