Senior Project Vet

Topics: Veterinary medicine, Surgery, Dog Pages: 5 (1754 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Hour 1
For my first hour at the Huntington Beach Pet Vet, I was introduced to the building facility and to the employees working there. I met all of the veterinarians there including Dr. Naito, Dr. Bennington and Dr. Munson. When taking a tour around the building, I got a tour of the consultation room, which is where pet owners take their pets for a doctor’s evaluation. Another room they showed me was the boarding room. The boarding room is a room designed to house dogs while their owners are away. After walking around a little more, I was guided into the surgery room where surgeries are performed on animals. After speaking with the vets I asked them what safety procedures I must follow and asked what qualifications you must meet in order to become a licensed vet. Hour 2

For the second hour I was able to observe the whole process in taking your pet to the vet. First the pet owners walk into the building and are welcomed by a lady working at the front desk. Her job is to greet the patients and make sure they sign in on the waiting list. Once the pet owners sign in they wait in the lobby for 5-10 minutes before being called in by other staff. The job of the staff is to go on the computer database and make sure they have all of the information of the pet including insurance, vaccinations...etc. Once this step is complete the pet is then transported over to the evaluation room. There the doctor checks the pets weight, temperature and examines the pet to make sure nothing out of the ordinary is wrong. After the doctor is finished with the evaluation, the pet is then transported to the general treatment center where the staff and doctors work together to get tasks like vaccinations, and dental cleaning done. Since the vets don’t know every thing that could be wrong with an animal, they always refer to a medical dictionary that gives them all the information they need. Hour 3

For the 3rd hour I was taken to the boarding room to take care of the animals left by their owners. There I came across a bunch of dogs and cats of different species. When I was in the boarding room I was given instructions on how to feed certain dogs based on their owners instructions. I also gave some dogs medication and learned about the various treatments that can be given when they sustain a specific injury or sickness. In some occasions when certain pets lose their owners, the Vet clinic picks them up and places them in the boarding rooms. Once there, they are either put up for adoption, or are kept by the veterinarians. Hour 4

The 4th hour I was there I got a glimpse of a dog that was believed to have a tumor on its stomach and near its tail. After talking to the vet, I was explained that the tumor could become cancerous if not treated properly. After examining it, the vet told me that it was indeed a tumor and the right step to do is to get it removed before it spread elsewhere. But before any surgery, the doctor needs to have verification from the owner before proceeding in any type of procedure. Once all liability forms and paper work are completed, the doctor has permission to treat the dog. Hour 5

During my 5th hour there, the owner filled out the paperwork, once everything was completed, the dog was ready to be prepped for surgery. The doctor introduced me to the vet technician who normally preps animals for surgery and showed me the steps in prepping a dog for surgery. First I put the dog on a scale to measure its weight to get the appropriate amount of sedative. Then the vet technician injected the sedative and put a gas mask that gives the dog anesthesia to make sure it falls asleep completely. Once the dog was completely asleep, I got the chance to clean the area around the tumor by shaving the fur so it wouldn’t get in the way of anything. Once the area around the tumor was shaved, the vet tech placed a reddish iodine based liquid in the area to prevent infection during surgery. Hour 6

Now that the dog was completely ready for...
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