Senior Project.

Topics: Freemasonry, Masonic Lodge, Regular Masonic jurisdictions Pages: 7 (2972 words) Published: March 12, 2013
My senior project on masonry, I’ve been going to vo-tech for masonry for 3 years, and I think it’s a great thing to do, let me tell you what masonry does, first you make morter, which requires some items, like sand, lime, and water these are all very important, so once you put the sand, lime, and water once done, mix very well till it’s one color, after that you’ll get a stand, and a pan, for your morter. Then you’ll get brick or block, whichever one you are working with. This has been very fun through the past years. I will also be doing an interview, and ask a few questions about what he did as a mason. There are many many things you can do as a mason. It’s a lot of fun anybody can do it’s a very good trade and I’m glad I took it. We also do cement, we make cement for certain things only, and even at times, we might get a special job to pour some concrete for another shop, It’s lots of fun. There is also something very important for seniors that they have to do, and that’s taking a nocti test, with 200 questions on what you’ve learned all together, then you have to build a wall of the instructor’s choice, and it’ll get judged, after that’s all over they determine if you passed or not, but the big parts the test, and it’s very important that you know your stuff or you can fail, and probably fail tech as well.

There is a lot of history on freemasonry I’ll share some information with you. Freemasonry dates back to the guilds of European stonemasons who built castles and cathedrals during the Middle Ages. Temporary buildings called lodges were built next to the cathedrals, and the Masons used them to meet, receive their pay, plan their work, train new apprentices, and socialize. The first Grand Lodge was established in England in 1717; by 1731, Masonry had spread to the American colonies. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Paul Revere, and other founding fathers were among the first Masons in the United States. The Grand Lodge of California was established in Sacramento in 1850 during the height of the California Gold Rush.

Tournaments are a big part of masonry, you can travel around the world, it’s a lot of fun, competing against others, basically like SkillsUSA, you have a certain assignment you have to do, and get it done in a certain time, and whoever has the best wall at the end win, they all get medals in the end first, second, and third. You have to be a very skilled mason to participate in the skills and tournaments. But that doesn’t mean you have to be the best that there is, you want to just have fun with what you are doing and being confident is key, with that you will be calm and have fun with what you are doing.

There are more interesting facts about freemasonry. Freemasonry has its lodges in every city in the United States, and in almost every town and village. It has them on the desert, through the mountains, in the wilderness, and among what Isaiah described as "the isles of the sea." It has them in Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Great Britain, Europe, Africa, the Near East, India, Burma, IndoChina, Malaya, the Philippines, East Indies, New Zealand, and Australia; it had them in many other countries of the Old World until certain religious and political ideologies forbade their existence. Not one of them was ever organized as the result of any Masonic missionary enterprise, because Freemasonry has no such enterprise; or for the purpose of making money, or as the result of a bargain with the political and ecclesiastical ruling powers. Each lodge came into existence of itself, and because a few Masons desired to have it so. Freemasonry has spread over the earth as gradually, as silently, and as naturally as the light of dawn. So also has it moved down the long roads of time. There were lodges a thousand years ago. Long before that date, and as far back as the Ancient World, there had been other organizations, called gilds and collegia, so similar to Masonic lodges that...
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