Senior Privileges

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In the past, my high school gave more privileges to the seniors, although they have taken the privileges away from the seniors every year one by one. Currently, the only privileges seniors have over the underclassmen are leaving five minutes early for lunch and having the senior courtyard for lunch. We believe seniors should have more privileges or benefits than the school gives to us.

After EHS took away senior privileges like going off-campus for lunch and leaving class five minutes early, students rebelled and started to sneak out for lunch saying they have Career Center or GHS third block. Although the administration started to notice the students coming back after thirty minutes, the students started to be dismissed to continue going off-campus for lunch. The problem with not leaving class early is that students began sneaking out of class and detention numbers increased because sneaking out is not allowed.

The senior class can relate to this issue and would like to go off-campus for lunch and leave class five minutes early. The future upcoming seniors would also like the same privileges. The current seniors have looked forward to senior benefits since being a freshman. By the time the freshmen class finally reached senior status all of the privileges the previous seniors had gained were taken away due to misjudgment and carelessness.

The administration’s defense is that the seniors’ of previous classes disregarded safety concerns. Although high school students normally disregard the administration’s safety concerns one of the purpose of being a senior is to understand safety before they enter the real world. Although safety is a current issue we believe seniors are capable of being careful and influencing the underclassmen of being cautious. EHS may be responsible for the students during the day; we believe that students and parents can sign a permission slip where if the student gets in a wreck while out for lunch then EHS will not be...
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