Senior Nuts

Topics: Survival skills, Tinder, Water Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Human beings are born with numerous natural instincts; yet, none is as basic as the instinct of survival. Though many people may never need it, it is an invaluable knowledge given to us by God. Humans are born to live and consequently they are born with the ability to survive. When we talk about ‘survival skills’ we consider ways in which we can fulfill our most urgent needs in any situation. Via many years of societal evolution, we have lost our ability to provide for ourselves if we don’t have access to a store, and have become ignorant on how to survive in the wilderness. If you can find food and water, and you can make fire and shelter, then you can survive in the wilderness. And when it comes time to find your way out of your situation, you will need to know how to navigate without a phone, gps, compass, or map. However, should you find yourself lacking one of these five components; you will not survive, or ecape, unless the void is compensated. It is a simple fact that if you do not eat then you will not live. However, finding food is much more complicated than it seems. "The methods for finding and getting hold of wild food in a particular kind of country usually require detailed local knowledge" (Bridge 270). Unfortunately, when in a survival situation detailed knowledge of an area and its edible plants is not always an asset. In addition, it is rare for you to have a fishing pole or any kind of hunting equipment. Thus, you might find yourself literally up the creek without a paddle. However, there are a few ways to find food, and a few well-known plants that are edible. First of all, you must take advantage of your location. It can be difficult to catch animals on land thus you must find edible plants. Among the well-known edible plants are blackberries, black walnuts, cattail, daylily buds, hickory nuts, acorns, and morning glory leaves (Edible). However, it is often difficult to discern these edible plants from their poisonous peers. There is an...
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