Senior Night

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Message to Coaches:
Karl and Ryan I thank you for putting up with me, not only these four years, but also for my days at west pasco too. I know I can be a handful at times, well actually worse than that, but you guys have never given up on me. Karl I don’t know what I’m going to do next year when my coach wont have an accent that I can mock, or tell me that I’m completely “useless.” And Ryan who will I box before my soccer games, or have tell me exactly what I’m doing wrong without beating around the bush? I appreciate everything you two have done for me, and saying thank you really isn’t enough. Oh and Karl thanks for allowing me to take those two steps backwards at conditioning last year, tearing my ACL really did make me useless. And I didn’t stink at taking stats … I just made up new categories that were ten times better than ones you wanted me to take. Coach Lynn and Chaltry, although you guys have not coached me you have been such a great help these past years, from leaving motivational surprises in our lockers to always supporting us on the sideline. Thank you for everything you guys do for us, I know you don’t have too, but you still go out of your way for us every time.

Message to parents:
Mom and Dad you have given up so much to allow me to play this game, and I am in some serious debt with you for it, but thank you so much. From day one (when I couldn’t dribble let alone run) you told me I could do this and it was just going to take some time, without your support I would not be standing here today with as much success I have accomplished in soccer. I remember you both always told me if I felt like giving up that the energy I needed was in my pinky and I will never forget it. Last year was by far the worst, and yes I know I was a pain every time I came home whining that I couldn’t play or help my team, but you both kept telling me I would come back better and stronger, and you never gave up on your little gimp. Mom you have always been my...
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