Senior Essay on Martial Arts and Parkour

Topics: Taekwondo, Korean martial arts, Parkour Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: April 6, 2013
There are many activities that people do in order to improve their mind and body. Some prefer sports, some prefer puzzles, and some prefer a mixture of them both. A couple of these activities are Martial Arts, which dates back thousands of years, and Parkour, which started in 1970, and is quickly gaining popularity.

Korea was unified for the first time under the Silla Dynasty (618- 935 AD). The Hwa Rang Dan warriors of that time helped unify their country and became the first martial artists to include a code of chivalry in their practice. They combined the philosophy of Won Kwan, with the movement of Soo Bahk Ki, the art of foot and body fighting, to create the martial art of Soo Bahk Do. ("The History of Tang Soo Do and The American Tang Soo Do Association" )

After the Silla Dynasty, the Koryo Dynasty (935-1392 AD) soon followed. This militaristic society became a fruitful time in the development of Korean Martial Arts.

The Yi Dynasty (1392-1910 AD) came after the Koryo Dynasty During this time, the book Mooye Dobo Tongji was written. This book assured the continuation of Korean martial arts by turning the sophistication and combative superiority of Soo Bahk Do to a form of recreation that common people could adapt into their culture. ("The History of Tang Soo Do and The American Tang Soo Do Association" )

Grandmaster Hwang Kee created Tang Soo Do in 1945, once Japan had left Korea and lifted the restrictions of practicing martial arts, by combining the martial arts of Soo Bahk Do and Tae Kyun with the “Tang” method. In 1965 Tang Soo Do was split in half when the government of South Korea tried to combine all Korean martial arts into one organization, The Korean Tae Kwon Do Association. Traditionalists refused to join this new organization and continued to practice Tang Soo Do while the others formed the sport oriented martial art of Tae Kwon Do. ("The History of Tang Soo Do and The American Tang Soo Do Association" )...
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