Senior Daycare Center

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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The BSN student attended and observed a day in a senior adult daycare center. Most of the clients who attended the daycare were of Hindu/Muslim religion, only very few were Caucasian and catholic. Approximately 40 clients were in attendance on that particular day. It was noted that there were planned meals and activities throughout their day. It was also noted that there were planned meals(cooked on premesis by Hindu cook) , The average age of the clients attending was age 71-91 years . The BSN student observed and participated in some of the activities, socially interacted with most of the clients, and participated with the assisting of food tray delivery and feeding. Although there were many hindu clients, the others (non Hindu), were included and involved, but their meals ,were different from the hindu population at the day care. There were approximately 6 employers present, A Director of the daycare, Activities director, Rehab therapist, PT assistant , Registered Nurse, and the kitchen cook. Each discipline interacted and assisted with all activities planned for the day.

As the BSN student arrived at the daycare center, Breakfast was served, continental style( oatmeal, cold cereal, muffin, w/ coffee , tea, milk, and juice for the beverages). “ Common beliefs include the conviction that milk and bananas should not be eaten togeather, and that drinking cold water makes the body vulnerable to illness.” (Dexheimer,2009). I assisted , but it was found that most of the clients could feed themselves, only 2 females were assisted and encouraged to eat. Most of the clients were conversing in Hindu language and socializing among themselves in a well-adjusted way.Most arrived at the daycare center via senior transportation bus of Bucks County. The clients ambulated throughout the facility with use of devices (ie; walkers, canes) only one client had use of wheelchair. After breakfast, Activities commenced...
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