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Seneca Falls Convention

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Seneca Falls Convention

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The Seneca Falls Convention

Woman in early 19th century created the first women’s movement and gain right on

their own names which represented start of a great fight over being recognized as an

equal human being to men. They were gaining access in many different areas: political,

legal and cultural.

Quaker women pioneered in these kinds of changes. They had organized women’s

meetings at churches and preach sometimes at the cost of their lives. Quakers had many

of the greatest women such as Lucretia Mott. But it was still not enough for a major

reform. The South was more tolerant for women and it respected it’s position at that

period. On the North opposition to slavery became moralistic and all defenders of women

rights weren’t strong enough for starting any kind of reform because it was potentially

dangerous. So by giving away more public roles to women the society on South became

more successful and more and more women got involved in public activities then ever

before. With the first thread and textile factories in small New England entrepreneurs

hired the young women as their workers. The urban economic growth also contributed to

the development of women’s voluntary associations. The majority of employed women

worked as domestic servants and school teachers. The two Grimke sisters contributed

directly to the growing strength of abolitionist sentiment. They were speaking to big

audiences and then after a short period of time they wrote a letter that denounces them

which made the following point: “We cannot therefore, bear an obtrusive and

ostentatious part in measures of reform, and countenance any of that sex who so far

forget themselves as to itinerate in the character of public lecturers and teachers

(Matthews 112). “They were significant and inspirational to a lot of other women who

did public speeches and lectures. When they retired from the front...

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