Topics: Marketing Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: September 15, 2010
CLASS: S15 DATE: 8/9/2010 TO: GARY JADER FROM: Nikhil Enugula

DATE: 8/9/2010

Summary: is in current situation, where it has choice between two alternatives. Should company merge its niche position in wine gift-giving or should it strongly expand into new gift-giving categories under the "" name.

Problems: New challenges to keep up with the changing times and needs for the customers. Secondly win over main competitors like Yahoo, Amazon and 911gifts.

Goal: Goal was to send other gifts, as well as, wine and other goal was to establish an E-commerce business that would be high-speed quality and efficient to use.

* To make the gift stylish and tailored to each customer’s wants and needs. * Building Online Trust & to upgrade the site for flexible and simple usage * Recruiting was major concern because talented people were needed to keep business running * decided to take marketing campaign to the next level from the previous radio advertising and print media

If wants to stay in wine service these are the options: should merge with big search engine like Bing or Google. Advantage: people will have more trust because it is promoted by big brands; Disadvantage: may be expensive but profit can be heavy. Online coupons: for the first time or new customers, who have been referred by other old customers. Advantage: will force customer to use the site again because of coupons. Disadvantage: none Marketing plan: For example having tie up with some high-quality wine companies...
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