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Topics: Accounting software, Accounting information system, Accounts receivable Pages: 37 (8957 words) Published: March 14, 2013

Project Manuscript

Presented to the Faculty of the

Department of Computer Studies

Lyceum of the Philippines University

Gen. Trias – Cavite




DELA PEÑA, Jesusana

BAUTISTA, Michelle

In partial fulfillment

Of the Requirements for the Degree

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

February 2013

Executive Summary


The project is for the Nineveh Academy Accounting Department which will be used for accounting transactions with the help of SMS service. The SMS service feature of the system can receive inquiries from the student’s parent/guardian and will respond to their inquiries in a short period of time. The system also covers the other standard functions of accounting departments which is the cash disbursement, accounts payable and accounts receivables.

Table of contents

Executive Summary2

CHAPTER 1: Introduction4

Project Context5

Purpose and Description5


Scope and Limitations6

Chapter2: Review of Related Literature / Systems7

Technical Background19

CHAPTER3: Methodology20

Requirement Specification20

i.Operational Feasibility20

1.Fishbone Diagram20

ii.Technical Feasibility22

iii. Schedule Feasibility23

iv.Economic Feasibility23

1.Cost and Benefits23

v.Requirements Modeling24


i.Output and User-Interface design24



ii.Data Design24

1.Entity Relationship Diagram24

2.Data Dictionary24

iii.System Architecture28

1.Network Model28

2.Network Topology28



Software Specification29

Hardware Specification29

Program Specification30

Programming Environment30

Test Plan31


i.Project Implementation Checklist31

ii.Implementation Contingency31


Chapter 4: Testing31

i.Unit Testing31

ii.Conformance Testing31

Acceptance Testing Results and Discussion31

Conclusions and Recommendations31




CHAPTER 1: Introduction

Project Context

The project is entitled “AN IMPLEMENTATION OF NINEVEH ACADEMY ACCOUNTING SYSTEM WITH MOBILE SUPPORT APPLICATION“ which will help for the modernization of the Nineveh Academy Accounting Dept. using accounting system with SMS support application.

The accounting department uses the old style of assessing, recording and file storage gathering mainly because of the insufficient funds for the machines and manpower to provide fast response to customer inquiries. The records of the academy are stored using paper documents containing the information of the students, employees and confidential documents of the institution.

The project integrates the function of accounting system with the SMS feature of a mobile phone. The integration of the two technologies made a big ease in accessing an accounting system because of the portable function of the mobile SMS technology. Using the SMS the user can now access or redeem information about an account without the effort of going in the administration.

Purpose and Description

The projects main objective is to revolutionize the Academy accounting department, specifically the accounting functions such as the accounts payables, accounts receivables, cash disbursement and the billing reports of the institution. The proposed system will have an additional feature which is the SMS Support Service that will give more easy access regarding the balances...
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