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By | Jan. 2011
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Dear Herb Kohl,
I as a young pupil have observed many things in my short seventeen years of life, and one that concerns me the most would have to be seeing the way elders are treated in this day and age. It concerns me because I am dear to my grandfather and have seen how unhealthy and uncaring nursing homes have become. My mother also works with elders everyday of her life and if everyone would just care about them and be willing to work with them and have the patients like her I belive that the elderly people would have the will power to get better mentally and pyshcally. Most elders believe that there family does not care about them anymore and just dumped them off there to die, and most workers make that believable to them! Now that crushes me to see people who have served our country,people who have worked there whole lives to, people who have earnd there spot rightfully on this earth to be treated that way! So I belive there should be some kind of program kind of like big brothers big sisters but only for elderly people, so that they have someone to talk to them a certain amount during the week and beable to possibly get out and do things with a younger adult. I belive that it benefits the youth by them seeing history still living! And keep them out of trouble and just give them a good insite. It would benefit the elderly by having a new friend keeping up there memory, getting out and doing things, learning about the new day and age, and sharing there expierences . I feel that this program would give the willing an opportunity and maybe change and enlighten there lives.

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