Semiotics on Pyramids by Frank Ocean

Topics: Egypt, Cleopatra VII, Striptease Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The whole video of Pyraminds by Frank Ocean has him going through Alice in Wonderland kind of adventures in an almost sleep walking, dream state. He talks about his girlfriend cheating on him and finally ending up working at a strip club by drawing parallels between that and historical Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Thought the first few shots of him shooting at a bar and walking in the rain don't make sense initially, We can later conclude that maybe his dazed state throughout the video is due tot he first few drinks he has. Maybe that is what makes him trip and go into a hallucination where he calls his girl friend Cleopatra who is often worshipped as an Egyptian Deity. This explains how he put his girlfriend on a pedestal and loved and worshipped her. Visuals of Ocean on his motor bike zooming through the dessert on his way to the Pyramid to catch Cleopatra is made event more prominent with the added effect of colors from him trailing. Here just talks about how he watched his girlfriend get ready and left to work at the Pyramid, but we don't exactly understand what the Pyramid is is. This again is another reference to The Egyptian Cleopatra as Pyramids are from the Egyptian culture, where they denote the after life of a person, this could mean that Ocean's relationship with his girlfriend is death and that she is going away to the pyramid but he is following her to get her back. The pyramid, it turns out, is a strip club straight out of hell, with demon possessed strippers and a glowing pyramid neon pyramid symbol on the wall. It is the modern day version of sin filled hell would be (after wall pyramid is a reference to afterlife). The strip club is filled with very creepy looking, zombie like strippers who all have their eyes drawn out like Ancient Egyptian women, in pursuance of the fact that the whole scenario is set to Egyptian culture. Ocean continuance reference to him being unemployed and that the girls jobs 'pays the nigga's bill' shows that he is still in...
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