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National Wireless Communications Technology Roadmap
Version 1.0

Prepared by MIMOS BHD

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)

Roadmap Content
Executive Summary 1 Introduction 2 Global Scenarios 2.1 User Expectation 2.2 Global Wireless Technology Trends 2.3 Global Initiatives 3 Malaysia Scenarios 3.1 Government Initiatives 3.2 Expected Services from Ubiquitous Network 4 National Wireless Communications Technology Roadmap 4.1 Targeted Scenarios by Stages 4.2 Technology Challenges 4.3 Roadmap 5 Conclusions Appendix A – Methodology Appendix B – List of Contributors Appendix C – Glossary


1. Introduction
The wireless communication sector represents one of the most important arenas of research and expansion in Malaysia. The last two decades has been considered to be the era of wireless communications being led by two major trends: the outburst of wireless multiple access communications, offering mobility to the telephone users and the mobile multimedia. The increasing number of mobile telecommunication subscribers cause great concern to the research community and they are in the process of finding solutions to accommodate these customers. The National Wireless Communications Technology Roadmap serves as the basis to drive the national centers of excellence (CoEs) in the area of concern. The CoEs will be established based on the expertise available at R&D organization. Moreover, the roadmap will serve as a guide to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) for approving research proposals seeking scientific and technical grants. The roadmap could serve as the basis to drive a concerted effort in R&D activities in wireless communications nationwide (e.g., through topdown initiatives, etc). As mentioned earlier, to be at the cutting edge of wireless technologies and hence, to excel in those areas, it is quintessential to identify the latest technology trends and challenges. Hence, it is necessary to keep this roadmap very much alive by updating it on a regular basis. This roadmap will provide insights to the local academics and the researchers to work on technologies of the future. The collective belief is that this roadmap will serve as a useful tool for carrying out R&D in wireless communications technologies, based on trends and challenges, to enable Malaysia to be at par with other developing countries.


2.1 Global Scenarios: User Expectation
Being able to enjoy access to voice and data on anytime and anywhere basis at any platform has always been the focus of the wireless communication communities. Users are expecting a dynamic, continuing stream of content-rich applications, services that are ubiquitous and available across a range of devices using a single subscription for any access. In year 2002, the transmission of the data traffic started to exceed voice traffic. The numbers of mobile subscribers and internet users have also recorded a significant growth over the past few years. In European, the WWRF (Wireless World Research Forum) Vision has set principles for wireless world from user perspective: • Users are in control through intuitive interactions with applications, services and devices • Services and applications are personalized, ambient-aware, and adaptive (I-centric) -ubiquitous from the point of view of the user • Seamless services to users, groups of users, communities and machines (autonomously communicating devices) irrespective of place and network and with agreed quality of service • Users, application developers, service and content providers, network operators and manufacturers can create efficiently and flexibly new services and business models • There is awareness of, and access to, appropriate levels of reliability, security and trust worthiness in the wireless world Source: • “Protocols in multi-service networks”, The Open University ( • Frost &Sullivan, Next...
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