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The main purpose of this seminar paper is to identify the effect of homework on how it will be help to develop student’s achievements especially in academic; throughout involvement and relationship in learning process either at school or at home. Many researches have been held to look out the effectiveness of homework that assigned and how it will be to related student’s achievement by increasing student’s grade or improve student’s personal development. To complete this seminar paper, I have been applied reading comprehension research as my methodologies to get information that related to my topic and suitable for further references. All of the information gathered is from the articles and journal, which has written and have been publishing in range of years on 1998 until 2009. Based on my seminar topic, I am dividing this seminar paper into three chapters. On Chapter One, the topic discusses started with Introduction, then, Problem Statement, and follow by, Research Objectives, Research Questions, Significance of Research and Theoretical Perspectives. While on Chapter Two, I am included the part of literature review that discussing the meaning of homework, the advantage and disadvantage of homework, the roles of teacher, parents and students, types of homework and suitability of homework that have been assigned or plan for students. At last, Chapter Three will be conclusions, recommendations, references and appendices part. The timeline for completing this seminar paper is 6 weeks, start on 02 June 2009 until 10 July 2009.



Nowadays, student’s achievements in school have always been a concern for parents, student and educators. As an effect on it, there have been several theories on what method, strategies and resources that could to help students achieve the best result in class. One of the main ideas to developing student achievement has been the use of homework as an extension learning process after school hour. Many parents perspective’s that, homework is important to help student keeps on learning than involve with negative activity outside.

As we could to define all over the world, homework or also known as assignment was used to help students practice skills learned in the classroom. It has been said that “much research on homework has been driven by the pragmatic need to understand its role in improving achievement out-comes” (Warton, 2001). In other words, homework has been studied many times in order to understand if it does help students achieve. Although, like many researchers, in an effort to compare these two homework practices, Foyle (1985) concluded that homework compared to no homework had a statistically positive impact on student achievement

There have been several studies done on the topic of homework related to student achievement. Overall the result was that in middle and high school grades “there is a positive association between the homework and student achievement. This means that students’ homework affects their grade. Therefore, if no homework was done then the student‘s achievement was lowered and their grades will suffer. Similarly, students who do their homework will increase their achievement and improve their grades. In addition, Cooper's (1989b) meta-analysis of preparation and practice research revealed no conclusive results regarding comparisons of the two. However, he concluded that, "with regard to achievement, all eight studies found that homework involving preparation for new material or practice of old material led to higher scores on tests than homework that dealt solely with the content of the present day's lesson

Beside that, a recent analysis by Cooper, Robinson, and Patall (2006) indicated a positive relationship between educational...
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