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Topics: Middle age, Apple Store, Big-box store Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Market Product Focus
Objective of target market
1. To assist people to the next generation, one step closer towards easy living. 2. To patronize the home improvement of big box stores and cable TV shelter. 3. To expose to the people the reliable of the product on how easy can it be in just one touch 4. To improve humanity living life.

Target Market
Our primary target market is middle-aged people for example a student , a savvy and tech person which familiar with the tech product , an educated people and a suburban home owners with a disposable income that provides for the installation of products and services that protect and enhance their lifestyles. Our customer that we will up against with is the whole world that are willing to test , enhance and ready to take one step closer to easy living. The quality of the Apple product is world known and world best. This will bring the trustworthy and loyalty of the customer towards of our apple products when it was founded on April 1 1976. Market Locations & Customer

Growing to over 6 billion people in the world, Apple for some reason has acknowledged people and making awareness of their brilliant brands and product. This time once again, the new product, which is IControl is going to introduce to the customer around the world. With 361 Apple retail store around the world, the product, IControl will distribute to the entire Apple retail store.

Primary & Secondary target.

* Primary Target
Whole world – Targeting the whole world which contains about 6 billions of people is crazy, but with the brand power of Apple product which is world known. The figures are no longer important. Targeting the middle aged people, student and a savvy person will be great start. * Secondary Target

Older person – an older person will always be secondary target, although IControl is easy and fun to use, but to them is different where most of them prefer the old style way and refuse to learn a new thing...
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