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The students are required to identify any relevant issues in the current business activities or practice (of accounting) environment that directly or indirectly related to MA practice. For example the economic consequences of political turmoil in the Middle-East, such as Syria & Egypt. How it effects the economic activities and how accounting or MA (in specific) can explain this (the consequences) academically? Other example could be the current market issues in Malaysia, such as the manipulation of public good's price by traders, smuggling of controlled price product by traders and the like. How MA could be used to explain this phenomena and how MA can be utilized to overcome the problem. In other words, how MA and 'you' as a practitioner of MA can play role in these phenomenon. each an everyone of you should come-up with an issue and you are to mention and discuss it in this forum. Other student could also take part by commenting to any issue put forward by your colleague. One of the relevent issue that directly or indirectly related to MA practice is the E-Commerce. E-commerce may be defined as buying and selling over digital media. The explosion in e-commerce will affect managerial accounting. According to an articles during November/December trading period in the UK last year(2013) e-commerce accounted for over 10 per cent of retail sales for the first time. One of the significant effect of this e-commerce is the business transactions can be conducted faster. Furthermore, these business-to-business transactional issues will causes a changes in the way managerial accounting procedures are carried out. For example, e-budgeting is now used by hundreds of companies to quickly and effectively transmit the information needed to construct a budget from far business units around the globe. Moreover, another effect of e-commerce it will be a drastic reduction in paper work. Transactions between businesses will be conducted electronically with no hard-copy...
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