Semiconductor Research and Semiconductor Device Applications

Topics: Diode, Semiconductor, Solar cell Pages: 4 (967 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Pre-1900 Semiconductor Research and Semiconductor Device Applications Asif Islam Khan Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology 28/3 BUET Quarters, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh Email add.:

Pre-1900 Semiconductor Research and Semiconductor Device Applications

Abstract: This paper presents a critique of the origin of semiconductors and pre 1900 developments in semiconductor research and device applications. Although the history of semiconductors stretches back to a time as far as 1833, semiconductors made debut in engineering field by dint of Bose’s research in the 1890s. Selenium photoelectric cell, Braun’s discovery of rectification at metal semiconductor interface and Bose’s introductory applications of semiconductors for wireless engineering can be considered the milestones of the 19th century in this regard. The author puts forward a suggestion to identify Bose’s pioneering research with semiconductor, which led to the development of semiconductor detectors of wireless signals and which is otherwise less pronounced, as an IEEE Milestone.

Introduction: As it appears from most of the historical reviews of semiconductor research, semiconductor devices-preceded by the adjectives early and primitive usually, refer to the crystal rectifiers used for wireless applications in the early 1900’s. In this sense, early 1900’s is regarded as the time when the semiconductor devices first came into application. An investigation into the history of semiconductor research unveils even more primitive and earlier semiconductor devices- they are the semiconductor devices of the 19th century. Pearson and Brattain outlined the developments in semiconductor research before 1900 in [1]. Semiconductor research and semiconductor device application is an interest-entirely of the 20th century, in a more rigorous sense, of the second half of the century- but the roots of this discipline extend to the 19th century, too. Semiconductor properties- as...
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