Semi- Detailed Lesson Plan in Science 3

Topics: Water, Water pollution, Groundwater Pages: 3 (554 words) Published: February 6, 2013

I. Learning Objectives
At the end of the 80-minute period, the grade three pupils should be able to: a. Identify human practices that cause water pollution;
b. Conserve water resources through role-playing; and
c. Make a slogan campaigning against water pollution.

II. Subject Matter
b. Reference: Sugpatan, Carolina L. Science Links. Rex Publishing House c. Materials/ equipments: pictures, ppt presentation, bond paper, manila paper, coloring materials, marker

III. Learning Experience
a. Sharing Period
1. Checking of Attendance
2. Health Inspection
3. Weather Report
4. Science News
b. Review
1. What are the 3 kinds of water?

2. Identify what kind of water in the picture.
o Sea
· Where can we find salt water?
· What are the importances of salt water?
o Lake
· Where can we find fresh water?
· What is the importance of fresh water?
o Water well
· Where can we find ground water?
· What is the importance of ground water?

c. Developmental Activities
1. Motivation
The students will watch the video clip.
o Describe the video you have watch. What can you about the song? o How did you feel about the video?

2. Formulating the Problem
a. Analyze the picture below.

What can you say about the water shown in the picture?

o Is it safe to people? Why?

b. Observe to the fish upon putting garbage on the fish bowl. o What happened to the fish? Why did it happen?
c. Concept formation

3. Brainstorming
Discuss with the group mates about the cause of water pollution a. List all the possible human practices that make the water polluted. o How do these practices contribute in water pollution?
o What would its effect to the people? To animals? To plants? To the environment? b. Make...
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