Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan for Lesson 13 & 14

Topics: African people, Music, Ethnic groups in Africa Pages: 3 (590 words) Published: February 18, 2013
I. Objectives:
At the end of 4o minutes 45 out of 50 2nd year Granada will be able to: give the meaning of Music in Africa.
enumerate the uses if Music in Africa.
determine the importance of Griots.

II. Subject Matter:
MAPEH II, Lesson 13 and 14 (Vocal Music and Instruments of Africa) pp. 69-76.

III. Devices/ Instructional Materials
* Pictures
* Visual Aids

A. Routinary Matters
Teacher's Activities
1.) Prayer:
Lord, once again we come before your Holy throne of grace, mercy. We acknowledge our authority over us that apart from you we are nothing and we can do nothing. Lord, may you always guide us and enlighten is today, Amen.

2.) Attendance:
Roll call class, raise your left hand when your name is called. Wow! Perfect attendance class. Very good!

3.) Reminders:
I would like to remind you that we will have a long quiz tomorrow, 30 items. And class please study your notes because I do not want to se red markings on my class record tomorrow.

B. Review:
Are hand signals on volleyball significant?
What is the corresponding respond when a referee says time-out? What is the hand signal for change court?

C. Motivation:
I want you to listen carefully to this song and describe it. Tell to the class what you have observed from the song.

D. Presentation:
That is just on example of the Music in Africa. And it shows that song that their songs, music are really alive. Now I will teach you how to sing this song and we will use our hands in order to make it alive.


Kye Kye Kule Kye Kye Kule Kye Kye Ko-fi Nsa Kye Kye Ko-fi Nsa Ko-fi sa langga Ko-fi sa langga Ke-te Kyi langga Ke-te Kyi langga Kum-a-dende Kum-a-dende Kum-aden-de HEY!

E. Explanation:
Music is an integral part of the lives of the African people. To every African, music is closely related to every aspect of their lives. It goes much deeper than just singing songs for rituals or special ceremonies. African music is functional. It is used...
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