Semester System

Topics: Examinations, Final examination, School terminology Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: October 19, 2012
. 5. Merits of semester system
There are many merits of this semester system. They may be as follows, 1. It is good for the student community. As these students are the futures of society. 2. It creates awareness of the parallel streams prevalent in various parts of the country. 3. It keeps the students in touch with the books the whole year. It can prove beneficial for the students. 4. The compulsion of tests in between has made the students presence in the colleges all throughout the year. In present world there are too many distractions available for the youth to go astray. Engagement in tests and examinations in the colleges can keep them busy in more fruitful works, which will be personally beneficial for them too. 5. The students will be constantly evaluated and the depth and breadth of their knowledge will improve. 6. It allows greater interaction with teachers and the children will be more focused on preparing throughout the year. 7. This will give the students to cooperate in the future with the universities, most of who run in the semester system. There shall follow continuity in the imparting of the education and examination system with the introduction of the semester system. 8. For some students, it will be better as there will be fewer courses as compared to annual. 9. The semester system allows the students no luxury of studying at the last moment and still getting good marks in the final exams. So one has to be on his toes throughout and cannot bunk classes or afford to take your studies lightly. This is certainly a good point of the semester system and it will keep everyone working all through their college life seriously rather that turning to just last minute studies which many students resort to because of the structure of the current evaluation system. 10. The other plus point of the semester system is that it means that the student gets tested on very small sections at a time, so when he gives the final exams where the whole curriculum is...
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