Semester Reflection

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Semester Reflection
As the semester started, I had set my mind that I was destined to achieve a lot. During the start of the semester, I had several difficulties writing English assignments especially in terms of grammar. During the first week of the semester, I sat down, organized my thoughts and comprehended that throughout the semester, I had to achieve all that I had planned for. As a student of English, I had planned that throughout the semester, I had to improve my skills as a scholar, writer and critical thinker. Now that the semester has ended, I can reflect all the semester activities to depict how my writing skills and critical thinking skills have drastically improved. This paper presents a reflection paper of how this semester’s assignments have shaped me as a writer, critical thinker and scholar.

Since the start of this semester, I have encountered many aspects of English that I can now understand. There are several ways through which I have shaped my writing skills over the course of the semester but one major activity of the semester that has helped me a lot especially in my writing and critical thinking skills is the semester writing assignments. During this semester, I got the opportunity to write several assignments. The two major writing assignments that helped me a lot in comprehending about the several aspects of writing were writing on “Obama’s acceptance speech” and “Downloading from torrent.” During these semester writings, it was quite interesting to learn the use of English writing skills under different circumstances. First, writing a paper on “Obama’s acceptance speech” instilled me with knowledge on how to analyze a speech and present the ideas and themes of the speaker. This assignment was also critical in shaping my critical thinking skills since I was able to critically analyze Obama’s speech in relation to its purpose and context. Writing this speech also enabled me acquire the skills of writing papers from first person...
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