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Topics: Entity-relationship model, Relationship, Department store Pages: 4 (937 words) Published: November 26, 2010
Semester Examination System
DBMS Lab Assignment

Group - III Srimanta Singh (004) Samik Saha (015) Prasenjit Gayen (016)

3rd yr. 1st sem., Department of Computer Sc. & Engg. Jadavpur University

ASSUMPTIONS Data requirements:

 The major characteristics of the semester examination system are……..The university has many departments which are identified basically by the department_id. Also the departments have a particular location (campus).  Each department has teachers. Each teacher is assigned to teach a particular subject. He also has to make question paper and evaluate the answer script. WE have assumed that a teacher can take classes in different department but he will belong to a particular department.  A particular department may offer few courses. One or more subjects may be same for different courses as well as departments. Same subject (name) in two courses or department is separately identified by the corresponding subject_id.  Subject_id for a course of a department is unique.  A student must register to appear in the exam. A registered student is considered as exam candidate.  Exam can be of two types –regular and supplementary. In case of supplementary a candidate may not have to appear in all the subjects assigned to a particular semester.  The exam controller section is the administrator of this whole examination system.

For constructing a conceptual schema of this data base, the entity sets and the associated attributes are given below (as our specification of the E-R diagram)…………………………..

ENTITY SETS 1.Student 2.Department 3.Teacher 4.Subject 5.Exam

ASSOCIATED ATTRIBUTES Name, Roll No, Reg. No, Contact No Department_id, Name, Location Teacher_id, Name, Contact No, Status Name, Subject_id ,Course, Dept Exam_id, Roll No, Sub_id, Exam roll no.

6.Exam Candidate Semester, Year, Exam_id, Sub_id 7.Result 8.Routine Roll no, Exam_id, Sub_id, Grade, Date_of_publish Date, Time, Room No, Exam_id...
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