Semen Porduction and Productive Life of Nili-Ravi Bulls: Relationship with Genetic Worth

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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SEMEN PRODUCTION AND PRODUCTIVE LIFE OF NILI-RAVI BULLS: RELATIONSHIP WITH GENETIC WORTH Abida Parveen, Muhammad Sajjad Khan, Muhammad Saif-ur-Rehman and A. Hussain1 Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture Faisalabad; 1Semen Production Unit Qadirabad, Sahiwal Pakistan

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Name of Correspondant Author:Abida Parveen
Postal Address: House # 1567 / 37, street # 2, Gulberg Town, PAF Chaklala road, near Dhok Khabba, Rawalpindi Ph: 0342 7613 656

Objective of the study was to document the semen producing ability, productive life and genetic ability for lactation milk yield of Nili-Ravi bulls used for AI in Punjab during 1973-2007. Data from Semen Production Unit (SPU), Qadirabad, Sahiwal were used for this purpose. A repeatability animal model was used for estimation of breeding values for standard lactation milk yield. Productive life was calculated as a difference between disposal age and the age at first ejaculation. Out of 977 bulls, progeny with milk yield could be traced for 160 bulls while dams' information could be traced for 70 bulls only. Bulls were mainly supplied by Livestock Experimental Station (LES) Bahadurnagar, (299 bulls; 31%) and LES Bhunikey (106 bulls; 10%) and the rest (294 bulls) were purchased from other sources. Number of doses produced by any bull varied from few hundreds to seventy thousands with an average of 20,566 ± 2438 doses during their average stay of 82.6 ± 6.7 months at the SPU. The five thousand doses expected to be stored under the progeny testing program could therefore take as long as four years (Y = 36.6 + 2.24 X; R2 = 66%). There was no association between BLUP EBV's for lactation milk yield and the number of semen doses produced (r= -0.05). Computerized continuous monitoring of semen production of individual bulls at the SPU could help in judicious utilization of resources. Close coordination between semen...
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