Semantic and Short-Term Memories

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Semantic and Short-Term Memories

By | June 2012
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People have always been interested in conducting research concerning human memory. Naturally, they want to find out as much as possible about it to be able to develop it and use the most of it in their lives. That is why it is no wonder that there are so many research articles devoted to this issue. In this paper, I am going to analyze one of these articles written by James S. Nairne “Remembering over the Short-Term: The Case against the Standard Model.” The main ideas of the article will be discussed and its significance will be outlined. Besides, the most important questions raised by the author will be summarized and my personal impressions from it will be represented. In his article, James S. Nairne focuses on the kinds of memory. He acknowledges that, according to the accepted point of view in psychology, there are the following types of memory: long-term memory and short-term memory. He defines long-term memory as the ability of the human brain system to store, manage and retrieve information. Short-term memory, as it can be seen from the term itself, is only active for a short period of time. During this time, it is possible to keep something in mind. However, soon these facts will be either forgotten or transferred into long-term memory. For psychologists it is obvious that long-term memory is a more complicated type of memory. However, short-term memory is also worth attention. The researcher describes the standard approach to short-term memory and also offers an alternative model, which is quite different from the existing one. In fact, short-term memory should not be necessarily viewed as being in close connection with long-term memory or being less important compared to it. Besides, James S. Nairne also pays attention to one of the types of long-term memory, which is semantic memory. Semantic memory is connected with meanings and ideas, which cannot be viewed as the part of personal experience. It deals with independent facts and concepts (Nairne,...

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