Selling of Junk Food Should Be Prohibited

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
When we were small, we all loved chips and soda. These kinds of food are examples of typical junk food.
Today’s motion is ‘Junk food should be prohibited from the school’s tuck shop’. (Possible? Challenge the definition of prop?) (Our definition – junk food- includes un healthy nutrition values; should be- ought to but have not done so; banned-officially or legally prohibit) My side strongly disagrees with the motion and has 3 strong arguments against it. However, before I give my case line, I would like to do some rebuttals. Rebuttals

Case line:
The first thing to be considered is the value of junk food. My side strongly believes that junk food is not bad in itself. Moreover, students should be trusted and they have the rights to decide whether they would eat junk food or not. Furthermore, students will smuggle in junk food even if it is banned. My side suggests education as the most effective way. Thirdly, we will talk about the possible effect that will take place if this motion stands. Schools may face financial crisis and students’ health may be worsen. We will also discuss further on the value of junk food. My points

Let return to my points,
There are values in junk food. According to the University of Oxford, junk food was often referred to food that has nutrient values, but somehow contains some unhealthy ingredients. Junk food often tastes good. And, eating food is a kind of pleasure. Why should we prohibit junk food at schools? After having boring lessons, eating something good is often a kind of relaxing. Therefore, it should not be prohibited. Moreover, researches done by the University of California, San Diego, shows that moderate amount of junk food should be a part of a healthy diet to balance eater’s physical and mental health. Prohibit junk food at schools means forcing students not to eat junk food. However, students should be trusted to make decisions about their diet. In the 21st century when the society is...
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