Selling Insurance Products Through Banks

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INTRODUCTION TO BANCASSURANCE ‘BANCASSURANCE’ as term itself tells us what does it means. It’s a combination of the term ‘Bank’ and ‘Insurance’. It means that insurance have started selling there product through banks. It’s a new concept to Indian market but it is very widely used in western and developed countries. It is profitable both to Banks and Insurance companies and has a very bright future to be the most develop and efficient means of distribution of Insurance product in very near future. Insurance company can sell both life and non-life policies through banks. The share of premium collected by banks is increasing in a decent manner from the time it was introduce to the Indian market. In India Bancassurance in guide by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act (IRDA), 1999 and Reserve Bank of India. All banks and insurance company have to meet particular requirement to get into Bancassurance business. It is predicted by experts that in future 90% of share of premium will come from Bancassurance business only. Currently there are more and more banking and Insurance Company and venturing into Bancassurance business for better business prospect in future. The banking business is also generating more profit by more premium collected by them and they also receive commission like normal insurance agent which increase there profits and better reputation for the banks as there service base also increase and are able to provide more service to customers and even more customer are attracted toward bank. It is even profitable for Insurance Company as they receive more and more sales and higher customer base for the company. And they have to directly deal with an organization which reduce there pressure to deal with each customer face to face. In all Bancassurance has proved to be boom in whole Banking and Insurance arena.

Bancassurance is defined as ‘Selling Insurance products through banks’. The word is a combination of two words ‘Banc’ and ‘assurance’ signifying that both banking and insurance products and service are provided by one common corporate entity or by banking company with collaboration with any particular Insurance company. In concrete terms bancassurance, which is also known as Allfinanz describes a package of financial services that can fulfill both banking and insurance needs at the same time.

Financial Services



Bancassurance Bancassurance
The usage of the word picked up as banking and insurance companies merged together and banks sought to provide insurance, in the market which has been liberalized recently. But it is a controversial issue as many experts feels that this ides gives banking sector too great a control over financial market in that country. Therefore it has also been restricted in many countries too. But, still which countries have permitted Bancassurance in their market has seen a tremendous boom in that sector. The share of premium collected by them has increased in constant and decent manner. This success coincided with a favorable taxation for life insurance products, as well as with the consumers' growing needs, in terms of middle and long term savings, which is due to an inadequacy of the pension schemes in India.

The links between bank and insurance takes place through various ways (distribution agreements, joint ventures, creation of a company new company) which gives rise to a complete upheaval concerning marketing strategies and the setting up of insurance products' distribution. More and better insurance starts coming in market. This stream of market has just been opened very recently for the Indian market and there is lot of development left to be done by the government and regulatory authority. But this has proven to be a boom for the Insurance and Banking companies together and both the different sector of the industry has shown better result and improvement in their own field due coming of the whole new concept of BANCASSURANCE....
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