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Case write-up
In general, case write-ups are to be a maximum of five pages of text (typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch/2.5 cm margins) plus exhibits. Each assignment will provide guidance on what should be turned in. Your write-ups should be a succinct analysis of the issues you are to address. It is not sufficient to simply answer the questions assigned for the class discussion for that day. Indeed, you should treat those questions merely as a guide to get you started on analyzing the case. You have not completed a case analysis until you are prepared to make a well-reasoned managerial recommendation supported with balanced arguments identifying the advantages and disadvantages of that recommendation.

Please bear in mind that the write-up should illustrate your reasoning, defend it with evidence and backup material, and present and support your conclusions and recommendations. You should assume the reader is familiar with the facts in the case. It may be helpful to think of an executive who is very busy and not likely to spend a lot of time trying to decipher your report. Use of visual cues and formatting to emphasize your main points will increase their impact. If you attach exhibits to your write-up, refer to those exhibits in the text, explaining what you want the reader to take away from any given exhibit.

Your case write-up should be submitted at the start of class on the date the case is being discussed. Because the case will be discussed in detail in class, no assignments will be accepted after the start of the class.

Suggested Questions for Seligram Case:
1. What caused the existing system at ETO to fail?

2. Calculate the reported costs of the 5 components described in (a) The existing system
(b) The system proposed by the accounting manager.
(c) The system proposed by the consultant.

3. Which system is preferable? Why?
4. Would you recommend any changes to the system you prefer? Why? 5. Would you...
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