Selfishness and Comment Shows Rufus

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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In the book Kindred, there are many characters that are interesting. One reason this is true, is because the book forwards through time very fast and we see many characters go from infantile to grown adult. One character that changed throughout the story was Rufus Weylin. His development was incredibly interesting because the story somewhat revolves around what he does or what is happening to him. We see him as a very young child to a twenty five year old adult. In this story, Rufus is the most interesting because he develops from a young impressionable child, to a selfish man influenced highly by the antebellum South and other things. First off, when we get the first glimpse into Rufus the boy he is burning his drapery to get attention from his father. He then mentions how he had also burned a barn. Here, we can already tell that Rufus likes to be heard, get his way, and when he doesn’t his reaction is way too exaggerated. He also is already influenced by what he sees around him. He says to Dana, “You have to say it... young master…you’re suppose to.” Dana responds, “No.” Rufus grips her arm and says, “Yes!” This reaction Rufus displays to Dana shows his influence of slave owning times and his inability to accept rejection. Although, when Dana says, “Rufe, don’t burn anything else.” He responds with, “I wont.” This indicates that he can take direction from another person and someone who is black, and this leads you to think that maybe he can learn to take direction and possibly change his ways. When Dana returns to the Weylin plantation with Kevin Rufus says, “Does Dana belong to you now?...wife!...niggers can’t marry white people!” This reaction shows that Rufus was indeed fitting into his society’s way of thinking and the mere idea of their marriage was insanity. However, as Dana returns again Rufus was indeed changing. This time he was trying to be with Alice, a black girl he had grown up with. As a child Rufus had this girl as his friend, but Rufus was now...
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