Selfish Capitol

Topics: Dystopia, Utopia, Government Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Selfish Capitol

In The Hunger Games, the rich individuals are part of the Capitol along with the president, while the poor live within the twelve districts. The dictatorship of the Capitol holds total political and economic dominance over Panem and enforces power and rule through The Hunger Games to remind citizens living in the districts, who is in charge. The main conflict within this utopian society is the way the government known as the Capitol has total control over everyone living in the district. The rich do not work for anything, but the poor work everyday in order to provide natural resources for the Capitol. The Capitol is completely unconcerned with the districts desperation. In order for the population to remain in control, punishment and of course the famous Hunger Games is used to remind the districts who has the power of life and death for some. Control over the districts is important for the Capitol because they do not wish to have another rebellion by any of the districts. The authoritarian government does not allow citizens of the Capitol to become tributes for the Hunger Games because the intention of the games is to punish the remaining twelve districts for the rebellion. This brings up another conflict because in order for the Capitol to be happy, people must fight for their lives as a form of punishment. The Hunger Games are not only used for punishment but also for entertainment. The Capitol uses the districts as a source of entertainment like a sporting event where there must be a winner. The districts mostly loose there identities as people and become object for Capitol enlightenment. This demonstrates the true colors of the dystopian society because it is nothing but flawed and unfair. Also, interaction between districts is illegal. The Hunger games between each of the districts does not really encourage people to interact because they must fight against each other for their lives.
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