Self Stirring

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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make, whatever you add to your drink, like sugar, coffee, or anything, it won´t dissolve really good, leaving most of it at the bottom, making you add more than what you actually need.
You won´t have to get your hands dirty or wet when washing them, just add water, soap and press the button, and you´re ready to go.

We are 4 girls looking for success with our innovating product. We needed to be responsible to be able to carry out with the project.
This organization is based on respect, honesty and tolerance between workmates. In this company, there isn't actually one specific boss, we're all involved on every aspect and take care of every task during in the selling and production of this mug.

For example, Margarita is the one responsible of supervising and keeping control when we come to have problems or discussions with the product or between us.The material needed is the stainless steel cup, blades and the button to action them. Right now, we're producing by ourselves but as the company grows we will hire the proper amount of personnel.

Available: money to produce between 100 and 150 cups, tools and personnel.
Needed: a place to produce, publicity and of course a good attitude.

With this product we realized that creating something different and innovative it's hard and it costs time and money; we experienced it in our DEC company and it isn't easy to sell a product on the with a high price, specially when being a new on the market. It was a good experience to get us interested on having our own business.
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