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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Otway, Arnoldo
College Writing II-GLL 122
Prof. Becker
March 12, 2013

Personally I feel that self segregation is a way of life it’s all around us as we speak. All different parts of the world are segregated into different groups and cultures. I realized over the past century that segregation started to erupt into something major towards our future. In our society today there is still a lot of segregation going on between African Americans and Caucasians and also other races as well. Self segregation divides our society in such a negative way that it’s not pure in humanity. I notice a lot of Puerto Ricans always stick together and African Americans never bother to stick together at all, and that’s why African Americans get a very bad rep.

Most major US cities are split between all black areas generally poor inner city areas and all white areas normally wealthy suburban areas. I know other first world countries have similar problems, but as a country founded on immigration it seems a lot more intense over there compared to Canada, and Australia, and Western Europe. The all black and Latino areas are portrayed in the media as being horrible and dangerous, whereas the all white areas are portrayed as being clean and safe. London has some highly multicultural parts, mainly from immigration in the last fifty years, but in a city where white people are literally separated from blacks and Hispanics, with their own all white schools, all white hospitals, all white hairdressers, and other all white services, its seems closer to segregation than multicultural.

I’ve also seen many of times to where African American doesn’t mix with Caucasians. My high school in Texas was like that all 4 years when I was there. People only stick with their own race and the only ones who socialize with other races are the teachers. The neighborhood where I grew up in is half African American and half Caucasian but the two races self segregate...
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