Self-Regulated Learning

Topics: Motivation, Educational psychology, Education Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Arely Castan
Self-Regulated Learning

Most of college students need Self-regulated learning process to become good Effective learners. According to Utah Valley University professors exists a process called Self-Regulated Learning to help students succeed in their learning. Self-Regulated Learning has three different dimensions which are: Methods of learning, Time management and motivation. Firstly, Methods of Learning teaches how to use strategies to facilitate students' progress. Some of the strategies are: be organized, attend every class and be Successful in class. Having a schedule is a good step to being organized, and it helps to remember the time to do each task. Not only when the students attend every class has the opportunity to answer questions but also have extra points in the class. Be successful in the class involves responsibility for delivering tasks and strive to understand the class. Secondly, Manage time is one of the most important steps to have good study habits. Norm Evans taught how to correctly manage their time categorizing the use of time, prioritize, and the most important avoid procrastination. Categorize the use of time in four parts, but also put name to each part, first true emergencies, second personal power, and third deception and finally waste. Prioritize the tasks not only makes the job easier but also helps to have good time management.

Norm said, one of my students wrote one of the most common problems for which students do not know how to manage their time. Arely Castan wrote; I have a lot of homework because I am Taking ESL classes (English to second language), but I have laziness and distractors like TV, computer, cell phone and iPod, those Things make me want to not do my homework. Use a schedule helps to remember when the best time to do each activity has planned.

Thirdly, Motivation is the hardest part to foreign language learning, but is the most important step to become a good learner. Having...
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